Climatic situation in Sicily


In Sicily we know, time is certainly not a problem for tourists. Sicily boasts countless visits during the summer. But is it always useful to travel in Sicily during hot periods? Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy Sicilian wonders in more intimate periods?
We answer the most useful questions for our travelers.


For about ten years the cold months in Sicily now seem to be February and early March. We have suffered a climate change, which shows even higher temperatures in December and January.
Certainly every year is different from the past but at present, coming across an Etna full of snow or climbing the Nebrodi mountains to enjoy an all-white panorama, is without a doubt an experience to live in February. Temperatures in February will range between 14-15 degrees Celsius per day up to 5 -6 at night with peaks reaching 0 in particularly cold weeks. You will find snow in countries at altitudes above 1000 meters but nothing excludes being able to find snow even in the most famous cities.

Admiring snow-covered Etna is an incredible sight and for winter sports lovers, two famous ski resorts are open on Etna, in the southern headland (Nicolosi 1900mt) and in the northern promontory (Piano Provenzana about 1890mt) which even boasts 4 open circuits between chairlifts and ski lifts.
In particular, on the north side of the volcano (with the ski lifts) you will climb up to 2600mt and next to the mouth of the steaming volcano you will have the chance to surf between the white cheeks of the volcano admiring the sea of ​​Taormina and the Sicilian east coast. A show unique in the world!!

The view of the snow-covered Etna on the north side - Winter 2019

Photo source: Etnasnow

After these strong images, are you still sure that Sicily should be visited only in summer?
Of course we know that the summer periods are the best working a little bit for everyone, but the wonders that our island gives us must be shared with the whole world and can only be seen in certain periods or even moments and you have to take advantage of it. If on one hand the heat and the maritime destinations offer more, the cold and the snow offer uniqueness. From which part of the world can you ski on an active volcano and go down enjoying the east coast and the sea of ​​Sicily? We tell you. NOWHERE!!
So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Sicily now.


Among the warm months and the cold months in Sicily, undoubtedly the greatest number is due to the mild months, pleasant temperatures during the day (fed by an exceptional sun) and pleasant evenings in the city.
We are talking about OCTOBER – NOVEMBER – DECEMBER – APRIL – MAY
These are the periods that we at Jonicatour call JOLLY months. The months where anything can happen, you can find hot you can find cold, you can go to the beach or go skiing. It is certainly an adventurous spirit that will take you to Sicily in these months, but then what is unexpected is not even more beautiful?
These are the months of the festivals, the famous octabrate of Zafferana Etna or even the month of Christmas holidays in December, where the streets are colored with decorations and people pour into the street for Christmas shopping.
Cities take on colors and prepare to face the cold period.

Ottobrata of Zafferana - mild month in Sicily

Photo source: – by Giuseppe D. Barbagallo

The warmth of these months will give foreign tourists a sort of “mild summer”, especially for those coming from the coldest countries. You will not find the warmth of these months that the people of Southern Italy and Sicily in particular offer, anywhere in the world. We are preparing for the arrival of the cold and for this reason with the chills in the body we introduce with pleasure the warm period …


Here we can write 10 pages of article and we also find it useless to tell you how Sicily is famous for the heat of the season. Our region enjoys incredible sunshine for all 12 months, but particular attention is paid to the humid heat.
With our hope of not having you read this article after a booking made in August, this is the hottest month of the year. In Sicily they reach over 40 ° C in the hottest hours.
It is advisable to bring fresh drinks, goodwill and lots of passion, especially if you are a tourist accustomed to walking on the road and exploring the land.
The most famous seaside resorts are the well-known beaches of the Taormina area, of the Syracuse area but they do not fail to amaze the beaches of the north coast (where the Aeolian islands are the masters) and the Trapani coast full of surprises with the often overlooked Egadi Islands. the enchanting beaches of the South do not merit further presentation.
With the occasion we also take the opportunity to refer you to our previous blog article to help you better understand the best destinations in Sicily.
We conclude by being able to wish you a holiday full of joy and adventure in Sicily, but if you can, avoid starting in the hottest months of June, July and August and rely on an excellent private transport company that will make you enjoy the most wonders hidden of our beloved island.