Sicily private wedding transport


At any time of the year, numerous marriages are celebrated in Sicily, especially among people of different cultures and nationalities. Sicily has many places of worship, churches and modern structures capable of hosting receptions and weddings within the same location. If your dream is to get married inside a structure with a swimming pool, a garden and a movie sunset, all you have to do is choose Sicily.
Often the problem that users encounter in organizing a wedding reception is that of transporting guests..

We know very well that for all the guests of a wedding, living in the area, reaching the mother church or the location of the reception is not complicated. However, we often find ourselves faced with particularly numerous weddings as per Sicilian tradition, and in Sicily, in these modern times it is common to find ourselves in front of a foreign married couple who wish to celebrate their wedding in this wonderful island with breathtaking views. For example, the most well-known case of a Sicilian bride and foreign spouse can be verified. Here in Sicily we know, tradition requires the woman to celebrate the wedding in her own town and often she is forced to organize proper meetings from the airport of Catania to the location of the event or reception.

Often foreign guests have no experience with our island and our roads and could find many difficulties. The difficulties encountered are the most common, such as: how to get to Sicily? How to move around the city? How to move in a group? For these three simple questions, Jonicatour, the well-known Sicilian and Catanese transport company, comes to the rescue, specializing in the transfer from Catania airport to the location of any wedding reception.

Jonicatour also offers a personalized and private service for all those who need to move freely with private vehicles equipped with a driver. Often the difficulty of the guests is precisely to move in short stretches such as the church of marriage, the location of the reception and the overnight hotel..

Plan the private transport of your wedding celebrated in Sicily


Fast for weeks, this is the ironic advice that Jonicatour staff would like to offer you. We know, we are famous all over the world for our wedding receptions often lasting no less than 12 hours. We must arm ourselves with so much patience and an iron stomach for a delicious feast is abundant.
Certainly you will not be disappointed by the culinary dishes that our island reserves, and you will certainly also deal with large meals, after all tradition is tradition and the Sicilian doc takes particular care of us …


Getting married in Sicily has its benefits especially when we talk about weather conditions. Our island is constantly kissed by the sun for 12 months a year. There are therefore no special precautions or specific clothing to be taken.
Certainly the cold periods to face a marriage in Sicily are in the months of February and March where the weather and the temperatures are relatively unstable but we invite you to read our internal article with some useful meteorological information to face a trip to Sicily.


Sicily with respect to the rest of Italy has its weak point in rail and road infrastructures, but can be considered strong on airport landings.

Sicily boasts 4 operational airports located in all parts of the island from East to West.

Arrived at the airport (we take as reference the most famous airport of Catania) you can move around the Sicilian territory through the three main highways:

1) A18 Catania – Messina

From Catania part of the most famous Sicilian highway that is the A18 Catania-Messina.
This famous Sicilian highway joins the next stretch that goes from Messina to the capital of the island Palermo through the famous A20.
Pay close attention, because we are talking about an old and very insidious highway. Relying on a private transport with experienced driver is the best condition to face a journey in comfort and full safety.

2) A18 Catania – Siracusa

It could be the motorway for you as the number is extraordinary and reception venues are located right inside the Syracusan hinterland.
The A18 Catania Siracusa motorway can undoubtedly be defined as the best highway in the whole of Sicily. recently built it is a very large motorway, compared to its competitors and has emergency lanes also inside the tunnels.

3) A19 Catania-Palermo

Undoubtedly the worst Sicilian highway, not tolled and full of pitfalls.
The state is rebuilding huge stretches of the A19 by allocating considerable amounts of money. At present, however, it is better to rely on private transport with an experienced driver.


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